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Welcome to Narayana English Medium School

Narayana English Medium Schoolis located in a pristine and serene environment in Vadakkethara, Pazhayannur, Thrissur Dt. The school was started in 2003 by Sri A.V. Sukumaran in association with educationist Dr. M. Somasundaram to impart quality and affordable education to all aspiring students irrespective of cast, creed or economic status.
Initially, we started LKG and UKG Classes as part of the Narayana English Medium School. The ultimate objective of our school is to create a just human society where the dignity Readmore

Quick Enquiry
Quick Enquiry

Our Motto:
Empowerment through Education.

Our Mission:
Gift our Children the roots of Responsibility and Wings of Independence.

Our Vision:
To provide an inclusive learning environment that fosters collaborative learning and positive relationships.

Tips for Parents

Fill your child's world with reading:
Take turns reading with your older child, or establish a family reading time when everyone reads her own book. Demonstrate how important reading is to you by filling your home with printed materials: novels, newspapers, even posters and placemats with words on them.

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