Our School Facilities


The school has class libraries to enable the pupils to develop reading habits. The school has a reference Library with a wide collection of 10000 books in English, Hindi, Malayalam and various subjects. Pupils are encouraged to donate books to the Library.


The school has six well-equipped labs (Physics, chemistry, Biology, Maths, Junior Computer and Senior Computer ). Science exhibitions and Science Fairs are organized regularly to promote scientific quest. The computer lab has the facilities of Internet connections to enhance their studies.


The school has appointed a full-time counselor to help and guide parents, teachers and students in the issues related to studies and personal relationship.


Every year school conducts a Life Orientation Camp for the students to provide ample opportunity for students to learn and experience many concepts and information in the natural way.


The school has a fully qualified part-time medical Officer. All the pupils have to undergo periodical medical examination and medical reports are sent to the parents for follow up.


The school awards Merit cards, Class Honours, Appreciation Cards and certificates for students with meritorious performance in academic, cultural, sports and extracurricular activities.


The school runs its own buses for the convenience of pupils. The charges vary according to distances. Bus charges should be paid in advance for each month. A deposit of a month's bus fee will be charged in the first month, which will be adjusted towards the service in the month of April. Those pupils who discontinue in the course of the year shall forfeit the deposit. Parents have to make necessary arrangements to hand over and to collect back the children at scheduled bus stops. If school authorities are unable to run buses due to unavoidable circumstances, pupils using school bus have to make their own arrangements to reach the school.