A message from the Manager

“Education is the Key to unlock the doors of Freedom” – George Washington
Narayana English Medium School has no previous history to talk about; instead we want to create history of our own. Our beginning is very simple. The idea of establishing an English Medium School in Vadakkethara Village came in my mind when I returned home from abroad after a 20 year of stay over there. I faced tremendous difficulties to get seats for my children in reputable schools as the demand for seats in the existing institutions in and around this area was very high. Although I succeeded partly in obtaining seat for my elder son, I was not happy with the overall prevailing educational environment. First of all, reputable institutions exist at faraway places. Secondly, reservations have to be made years before to obtain seats in these institutions. Thirdly, one has to travel hours to reach these schools.
Considering the above and to avoid the hassles of the common people, particularly of this financially and economically backward area, I joined hands with Dr. M. Somasundaram, an educationist, and sought his help to establish an institution in 2003. As a result, we decided to establish an Educational Complex called “Narayana Educational Complex” to provide excellent educational facilities in different areas to the people of Pazhayannur and around.
Initially, we started LKG as part of Narayana English Medium School. The ultimate objective of our school is to create a just human society where the dignity of the individual is respected, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage, religious harmony and national integrity is upheld, where poor and the downtrodden are specially taken care of, where people live together, work together in peace and harmony for the happiness of every citizen and for the welfare of the country. Narayana English Medium School is open to all the students irrespective of caste, creed or religion. They are accepted and cherished as they are and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious tradition.
I am very happy to mention here that Narayana English Medium School is now an affiliated institution to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Our first batch has appeared for the Board Examination this year.
Our aim is not only to provide quality education to the children within their reach in all respect but also to provide training in a congenial atmosphere to bring about the best in them and help them to imbibe the rich cultural heritage of the country.
Let me take this opportunity to thank one and all for your help and cooperation without which we wouldn’t have reached where we are now. I hope you all will continue to extend your support and cooperation in the years to come.
A.V. Sukumaran,